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Blanche for Adoption!

Blanche is a Female, Shih Tzu Maltese Mix, 7 yrs old. Blanche is a little 10 lb lady with tons of personality and love to give. If she’s not making you laugh by rolling around on the floor and being silly or bunny hopping through the grass outside, she’s probably curled up on your lap asleep. This girl loves everyone and everything as long as she can cuddle with it, including dogs and kids (not cat tested, but probably fine). Her favourite pass time is looking at herself in the mirror because she is seriously into herself, which she’ll let you know when she’s climbing on top of you to demand affection. Blanche was previously in a home that used wee wee pads and was housetrained on those, but had been doing well with a regular walking schedule and only has minor accidents now. With a little bit more practice she should be 100% trained for outside. This girl is the most versatile dog you’ll ever meet. Want to chill at home all day? She’s up for that. Want to go on a hiking adventure? She’s up for that too. Blanche is a mature lady who is fine being left home alone as long as she can snooze in your warm bed sheets and get some affection and companionship at the end of the day. She needs a loving home that will let her get all the cuddles she needs and not crate her. Please note this girl has a love for adventure so she needs to be in a home with a very secure fence (no small gaps or holes underneath) and always be on leash when outside. $300 Adoption fee includes immunizations, spay, dental, and microchip. For more info email or text Stefanie at 954-562-8813 to submit an adoption application go to