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and her furry friends

Happy Tales

Pauly Got Adopted


Pauly/Verdot is adopted!! This extremely sweet, friendly, loving boy deserves only the best! His new mommy and daddy are EMT’s so someone will always be home with him and he has a little sister! They have an acre of land for him to play and run around on! Another #happytail!! Yay for my fabulous little 3 month old boy!!

Sinatra Got Adopted!


Sinatra now Asher is very loved in his new Furever home! Loves beyond reason! Yay!!

John Got Adopted!


John will be one little boy that will be loved and adored by two happy children!

Harley Got Adopted!


Harley now known as Charlie was found in a parking lot in July. Sickly, frightened boy until Saving Grace rehabilitated him. Now he’s hit the jackpot with his new mommy! He is now a resident in Key West! Mommy will take him to work with her every day! In fact she bought him a ticket to go to North Carolina to visit her parents next week! I’ll miss my sweet, sensitive boy but I know in my heart that he will have a wonderful life!! #happytails

Jam and Jewel Get Adopted!


Jam and Jewel are very close brother & sister’s that got adopted together!! These sisters are going to give them all the love and attention they deserve! Another #happytail !!!

Rose Gets Adopted!


Rose, a beagle mix, was born with a deformed leg. A little shorter than the rest but gets around fine, though she’ll be a tripod. Her adopter was in a motorcycle accident and lost feeling in his arm. The two of them relate to one another. Another #happytail

Turbo Got Adopted!


Turbo found his furever home! He looks like he’s been there forever! He sure made himself comfortable and enjoying his bone! #happytail