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Candy for Adoption!

MCandy is a 2 year old 16 lb French Bull Dog who came to Saving Grace because a breeder purchased her when she was a puppy. After several months, the breeder noticed that Candy’s belly was getting larger. After taking Candy to the vet, the breeder learned that Candy has a severely damaged heart, that leaks fluid into her abdomen. The breeder did not want to deal with the prospect of a puppy with heart condition, so he surrendered her our rescue.
Candy became the foster of The Tarantola family in September 2021. She also had another part- time foster family who shares a lot of Candy’s care, when the can.
Since she becamea foster, she has been loved, nurtured and had excellent care. She has been seen by 3 different veterinary cardiologists. The most recent was at The Small Animal Hospital at FSU in Gainesville. After several days of tests, or was determined that Candy would not be a candidate for heart surgery. The risks were too great, and everyone involved in Candy’s care agreed that it would be better for Candy to live the rest of her life on medication, with a loving, patient family.

What can I tell you about Candy? First, she has no idea that she has a bad heart. She’s sweet, happy, and cuddly. She is obsessed with the ball. If you let her, she’ll spend all day bringing you the ball and having you try to pry it out if her little mouth. Also, she’s goofy and acts silly. She’s super smart. She can push the ball with her snout, if it goes under piece of furniture, so that it can come out the other side. She’s cuddle bunny. She loves getting up on your lap. Or laying on your chest and falling into a deep, loud snooring sleep.
She’s friendly to everyone and loves other dogs (once she’s gotten to know them). She respects cats, and really isn’t interested in them.

She’s a fantastic dog who needs someone who wants to make her last years happy and as healthy as possible. Some things you need to know.

Her medication is life-saving and she can never, ever skip a day. EVER
The medication she takes, is a diaretic, and must be given with A LOT of water. So she Candy can and will have accidents and home. She needs someone who can take her out frequently, so as to eliminate the chance of accidents. Therefore, she should be in a first floor home.

Her potential adopter must be aware that Candy will have a shortenedife span, due to no fault of her own. But this sweet, funny, silly girl will help us All learn how to live for today, because tomorrow isn’t promised.
If you think you may have it in you to make Candy’s next year’s joyful and safe, contact to fill out an application.

$350 Adoption fee includes vaccines, spay, heartworm test, deworming, and microchip.

For more info email If you are interested in adopting please submit an adoption application on our website