Thank you in advance!

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Finley needs our help!

Finley was found laying on the road on US 27. They thought perhaps he was dead or badly injured the way he was just lying there. He was with a min pin but they couldn’t catch it. Someone in the vicinity saw that someone opened the car door and just dumped them there. Finley was so dehydrated he needed fluids and was covered in fleas/ticks. Saving Grace and Her Furry Friends Rescue sent him to our vet and he is heartworm positive and has Erlichea, which is a tick borne disease stemming from a tick bite which lowers his immunity. He is being treated with antibiotics and will get heartworm treatment. He will also need vaccines, neuter, recheck booodwork, grooming (really matted), Bravecto (to get rid of fleas/ticks) and a microchip. We need your help because this will cost at least $1,000. Any bit helps. Thank you!