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501c3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue Org.

George for Adoption!

George is a 55 lb. 1-2 year old Carolina dog. He was living on the streets of Little Haiti. He had a rough life as he was attacked by another dog. He’s very timid and shy at first but warns up and bonds with his family. He would do best as an only dog as he gets possessive of his person and wants all their love, housebroken, and is good with older children.

•George likes to go on walks where there aren’t too many cars
•George likes stay close to and follow around his human
•George is learning “sit” when he comes in from a walk to get his treat.
•George likes to sleep.
•He will go in his cage and be a good boy while you leave.
•George does not beg for food while you eat.
•George rarely barks
•George doesn’t chew anything and rarely touches a toy. A tennis ball was the only thing I’ve seen him have interest in.
•George likes time outside.

$250 Adoption fee includes vaccines, neuter, heartworm test, deworming, and microchip. For more info email If you are interested in adopting please submit an adoption application on our website