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George for Adoption!

George is a 55 lb. 3-4 year old Carolina dog. He was living on the streets of Little Haiti. He had a rough life living on the streets. George is a very sweet, gentle dog! He’s short and stocky.

George’s eye site is not good and he will most likely go blind. He needs a home ASAP so he will be able to adjust before it is fully gone.

He needs someone who is around a lot or works from home or who is lucky enough to take him to work every day. He has separation anxiety.

George is that dog who will devote his entire life to his human!!

*He’s very timid and shy at first but warns up and bonds easily with people.

*George gets along with other dogs and does fine with dogs of all sizes, however, he gets attached to his person and wants all their love therefore best with dogs his size or bigger.

*He is housebroken but is afraid to go outside so works needs to be done to get him over his fear. He will go out to amid his business but loud noises scare him.

*He is good with older children, omitting young ones since everything is new to him.

*He needs someone who is calm, patient and understanding.

•George likes to go on walks and be outside where there aren’t too many cars or loud noises.

•George likes stay close to and follow his person around.

•George is learning “sit” when he comes in from a walk to get his treat.

•George has a very sweet disposition with soulful eyes.

He hates the crate and will get out like Houdini. He does not like being confined.

$250 Adoption fee includes vaccines, neuter, heartworm test, deworming, and microchip. For more info email If you are interested in adopting please submit an adoption application on our website

When fostering the rescue covers all medical expenses, supplies, and food.