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501c3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue Org.

Rogue for Adoption!

Pembroke Pines, Fl- courtesy post. Contact Julie +1 (954) 268-9236

Meet Rogue! – Shepherd mix, about 3 years old and about 50 pounds. Very sweet dog, loves to cuddle and be snuggled. Sleeps a lot but occasionally gets the zoomies. Can get a bit sassy when he’s eating if another dog tries to to eat his food. At the dog park he’s friendly but can get sassy with the water fountain. Loves the outdoors. Likes to be walked but is very excited when he sees other dogs. Goes crazy for squirrels and small animals like that. Absolutely loves his crate. If you put him in a house with another dog they would just have to be introduced properly. Adopt Rogue and gain a new best friend”