Thank you in advance!

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Stevie has 4 broken legs, pelvis and a bladder stone!

Thank you for the outpour of well wishes and donations for Stevie the 4 lb terrier who was badly beaten and starved. Here is her update. She is safe with Saving Grace and Her Furry Friends Rescue and I’m fostering her as of yesterday. She went to Just Paws Animal Hospital and had X-rays and bloodwork taken. She has a large bladder stone that needs to be surgically removed most likely due to an untreated UTI. She is very anemic and frail, bad tooth decay, her spine and ribs protrude so I have to fatten her up before the surgery. She has broken feet and pelvis from being kicked around but they are old injuries that aren’t seemingly causing her pain right now but will be dealt with once we can stabilize her. She’s alert, eating well, taking iron supplements, antibiotics and dewormer for hookworms. I’m going to give her lots of small meals and help her gain strength. She walks on her broken paws but seems to have a strong will to live and a sparkle in her eye. I’ll keep everyone updated! Keep the love coming!