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501c3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue Org.

Whiskey for Adoption!

Whiskey is a 3 year old male 48 lb. terrier mix. When Whiskey was just a couple of weeks old he was found abandoned in a trash can. Saving Grace nursed him back to health and put him up for adoption. We went with the intention of adopting another dog but when we met Whiskey we fell in love and knew he was meant to be a part of our family. Our son who was 2 at the time chose to change his name to Rex as in (T-Rex). Rex was my sons best friend growing up and was always ready to play with him. When we welcomed our second son into the world Rex was eager to meet his new sibling. He was kind, gentle and loving with our newborn. Rex is loving, playful and friendly. He has never hurt anyone but rather smothers them with kisses. He is well trained and can be trusted in anyone’s home. My husband and I recently landed in significant financial issues, he lost his job and I have a teacher’s salary. After months of looking my husband received a job offer from a company located in Atlanta. When we found out about the relocation we began looking for housing but everything that was affordable was either non pet friendly or only allows pets under 20 pounds. We are left with no option but to find Rex a new home. Our family will not be the same but any family lucky enough to have him will have a home filled with fun, doggy kisses and a lot of playing. Rex goes to the dog park and is good with other dogs. He receives monthly heartworm and flea prevention. $250 Adoption fee includes vaccines, neuter, heartworm test, fecal exam, and microchip. For more info email If you are interested in adopting please submit an application on our website