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Featured Adoptable Pets
Picture of Gordo

Gordo for Adoption!

Gordo is a 10 year old Chi, weights approx 7 lbs. He’s very calm and gentle, also very affectionate and easygoing, he loves to spend most of his day sleeping right next to you while getting belly rubs. He suffers from hip dysplasia and arthritis so he takes. Glucosamine/Chondrotin and Tumeric. He eats homemade food […]


Picture of ChiChi

ChiChi for Adoption!

Boca Raton, Fl -ChiChi is soon ready for adoption! We are accepting applications now! ChiChi will get her second surgery for her jaw the week of August 10th. Then, the cone and soft muzzle finally comes off! She’s going to feel like a brand new doggy! Dr. Fuentes did an incredible job at saving and […]


Picture of Sheba aka Rocky

Sheba aka Rocky for Adoption!

Sheba is a 10 yr old 16 lb male Poodle that is completely blind. Despite being blind he gets around just fine. He was found at a dog park tied to a tree and brought to the animal shelter where we rescued him from. He is an absolute dream dog. He is very sweet, snuggly, […]


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