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501c3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue Org.

Adoption Criteria

Every application is carefully reviewed by our volunteers on our adoption committee.

The Requirements to adopt a pet from Saving Grace and Her Furry Friends Rescue:

  • Be at least 25 years of age.
  • Complete and submit an adoption application.
  • Demonstrate that you are able to provide a safe and loving home for your pet.
  • Agree to a home visit to be conducted by our adoption volunteers.
  • Provide references and photo identification.
  • Complete the adoption contract and pay the adoption fee.

If you are interested in adopting a puppy, please provide assurance that your puppy will not be left alone for more than 3 hours at a time. Young puppies frequently develop anxiety and it makes it more difficult to train and housebreak them when unattended for long periods of time. Further, a fenced backyard is preferred for large breed puppies or high energy dogs. Puppies are very active and need a place to run and burn off all that energy. They may also bark or howl a lot and can be noisy, so apartment living for a puppy is not recommended. 

When we review your application, we make sure your lifestyle and living situation fits the needs of the dog you are applying for and if the dog will fit well into your life. It’s not a matter of it being good or bad, but doing our best to ensure every adoption is successful. We strive to create a positive adoption experience and understand that not adopting a pet can be disappointing.

If you live in a townhouse or apartment, a mature dog or one with lower energy levels may prove to be a better fit.  

It just depends on the needs of the dog, your lifestyle and what you’re looking for by bringing in a furry friend into your life and home.

We prefer to adopt to the Southeast Florida area, we will make exceptions depending on the circumstances, but local adopters are given first consideration.

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