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501c3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue Org.

Team Grace

Hi, I’m Tamara


I’m the Adoption/Foster Coordinator for Saving Grace and Her Furry Friends.  I have been rescuing all sorts of animals since my childhood.  I love them all!  I began rescue work in California 20 years ago, and I’m continuing my passion for rescuing here in South Florida.  I specialize in pregnant and nursing mothers, motherless neonates, swimmer puppies, and the difficult to adopt dogs.  I’m so happy to have found my home at Saving Grace and Her Furry Friends.  Let’s work together to find the right dog for you and your family!



Hi, I’m Stefanie


I am the Founder of Saving Grace and Her Furry Friends.  I am a Broward County Elementary School Teacher, who not only loves teaching children, but has a passion for helping needy animals. I started the rescue after taking in a dog named Grace and her 9 newborn puppies from a high kill animal shelter in Miami.

I rehabilitated and raised her puppies until they were old enough to be adopted, and found loving homes for each of them. I adopted Grace, the momma dog, who must have spent most of her life living on the streets as she is very fearful of people and unfamiliar situations. Based on how rewarding this experience was I yearned to help more needy animals. Through generous donations and dedicated volunteers, I was blessed to have the opportunity to start this rescue organization in Sept. 2012.

Hi, I’m Danielle

Danielle is an attorney who has been active in the rescue community and fostering dogs since 2010 and joined the Saving Grace and Her Furry Friends team in 2013.  She currently has four beloved dogs and most of the time will have a foster dog in the household as a fifth.  Danielle initially started volunteering every weekend at the county shelter where she would shower dogs with love and play with them for exercise.  She then focused on volunteering for several years at a local boarding facility where there were many dogs, particularly large breed dogs, who would sadly sit for months and months, sometimes years on end.  Danielle would walk the dogs, photograph them and network them on social media to help get them out of lonely/stressful boarding and into loving forever homes.  She has a huge soft spot for pit bulls and has two rescues as part of her pack at home.