Thank you in advance!

501c3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue Org.

Atlas for Adoption!

We told Atlas it was “casual Friday” and he showed up naked, only with a collar. Now, no one can get any work done around here. Adopt Atlas so we can resume our productivity! He’s a hoot at happy hour so be sure to give him a call after he’s out of work.

*Great Dane/terrier mix of some sort perhaps?
*lovable mushface man that is BFFFFF with his buddy Tigre. They sleep in the same bed, despite that they each have their own. They would LOVEEEEE to go to the same home together so they can literally be best friends foreverrrrr
*potty trained
*healthy, vetted and his bags are packed ready for his forever family

$250.00 adoption fee includes neuter, vaccines and microchip. ***If you adopt Atlas AND Tigre together, their adoption fee together is $300.00 total as they have begged and pleaded with us to go to the same home. 🙂

To adopt, please fill out an adoption application at