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Happy Tales

Annie Got Adopted!


Annie has been adopted to such a sweet family! I still cried saying goodbye! #happytail

Jetta Got Adopted!


Jetta aka Geda was rescued from MDAS yesterday. Today this sweet friendly puppy was adopted! This family fell in love with her at the shelter but she already had an adopter hold. When the adopters never showed she came to Saving Grace. They wanted her so badly they tracked her down last night and she’s in her new home tonight settling in! Now that’s a #happytail!!

Freckles Got Adopted!


Freckles aka BOGO was left in a cardboard box with his littermates in front of a Publix. Now this very sweet boy has a mommy and daddy to love him and a furry brother! Another #happytail!

Maggie Got Adopted!


Maggie was adopted by this young, professional newly married couple. They have everything to give to this very special girl! Yay! Another #happytail!

Jet Got Adopted!


Jet is one of Honey’s puppies. He was adopted by this couple who has taken this shy boy and given him lots of socialization and love!

Schnauzers Got Adopted!


ADOPTED!!!!These two beautiful schnauzers were owner surrender. The previous owner didn’t have time to give them everything they needed. They reached out to us to find them the right home. This lovely couple just lost their schnauzers to illness. They couldn’t be more happy to give them a wonderful home. In fact they’re in the process of buying a home and these boys will have a big yard to run! #happytail

Lola Got Adopted!


Lola may have been dumped at MDAS by her previous owners and she caught an pneumonia from that horrible place but NOW she has a home where they adore her and take her on shopping sprees!! Yay for Lola! #happytails

George Got Adopted!


George found his forever home! A family that will love and accept him as he is! Isn’t that what we all want?!! #happytail

Annie Got Adopted!


Annie was rescued from MDAS with her 6 newborn puppies in Nov. 2014. She was skinny, dirty, and flea/tick infested. Unfortunately her litter of puppies died of Distemper and she almost died of it as well. Her wonderful foster home nursed her back to life and she blossomed into a wonderful girl. 8 months later she has finally found a forever home of her own!! Two little sisters to watch over and a mommy and daddy!! This sweet girl more than deserves this happy ending!! #happytails

Nova Got Adopted!


Nova was found under a trailer with her brother Titan. They were in a foster home together but the foster couldn’t keep them any longer. Titan was adopted by his new foster but Nova patiently waited. She didn’t get along with her foster sisters. Then suddenly a young married couple with no other dogs fell in love with her and now she has a forever home of her own! She’s walked into their apt plopped on the floor with her belly up ready to be rubbed. She knew this was right for her and she finally found where she belongs. A family to love her and give all the attention she so desperately deserves! Yay! #happytails