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Pets in Recovery

Grandma needs your help!

Grandma needs your help! She was rescued from Palm Beach Animal Control in the worst possible shape. This 10 year old girl was Severin neglected. Despite her abuse she’s super loving and friendly. She’s been to the vet and the bill quickly added up and she needs to go back! She has luxating patellas and bad hips that need X-rays to see what can be done with surgery and/or supplements so that she can walk better. She has two mysterious lumps that need to be drained. She’s was prescribed ear drops for an ear infection, two medicated shampoos and antibiotics for a skin infection. Already $550.00 in vet bills! This sweet girl deserves a home and a good life. Thank you for your continuous support and love. Zelle or Venmo: or PayPal:

Elmer rescued from a high kill shelter

Elmer is a 2 month old puppy rescued from MDAS today! He has some kind of skin condition so he’s on a few medications and medicated shampoo. He’s a very friendly, playful, affectionate puppy! Couldn’t see a little puppy be killed when all it takes is some meds and TLC to spiffy him up! Someone else rescued his healthy
siblings. To donate:

Finley needs our help!

Finley was found laying on the road on US 27. They thought perhaps he was dead or badly injured the way he was just lying there. He was with a min pin but they couldn’t catch it. Someone in the vicinity saw that someone opened the car door and just dumped them there. Finley was so dehydrated he needed fluids and was covered in fleas/ticks. Saving Grace and Her Furry Friends Rescue sent him to our vet and he is heartworm positive and has Erlichea, which is a tick borne disease stemming from a tick bite which lowers his immunity. He is being treated with antibiotics and will get heartworm treatment. He will also need vaccines, neuter, recheck booodwork, grooming (really matted), Bravecto (to get rid of fleas/ticks) and a microchip. We need your help because this will cost at least $1,000. Any bit helps. Thank you!

Scooby aka Judy in Recovery

Scooby now Judy, named after the Officer that rescued her, needs the help of the community. Saving Grace and Her Furry Friends Rescue rescued this baby from a completely tragic situation. Her 80 year old owner had passed away on the floor and she was left in the house with no A/C , a decomposing owner, and no food or water for over a week. She is traumatized and very dehydrated to the point of having an obvious UTI. She will see our vet tomorrow for a complete work up. She actually collapsed once when the officer took her outside. Please help us by donating any amount to her vetting and rehabilitation. I thank you all in advance. ??

Stevie has 4 broken legs, pelvis and a bladder stone!

Thank you for the outpour of well wishes and donations for Stevie the 4 lb terrier who was badly beaten and starved. Here is her update. She is safe with Saving Grace and Her Furry Friends Rescue and I’m fostering her as of yesterday. She went to Just Paws Animal Hospital and had X-rays and bloodwork taken. She has a large bladder stone that needs to be surgically removed most likely due to an untreated UTI. She is very anemic and frail, bad tooth decay, her spine and ribs protrude so I have to fatten her up before the surgery. She has broken feet and pelvis from being kicked around but they are old injuries that aren’t seemingly causing her pain right now but will be dealt with once we can stabilize her. She’s alert, eating well, taking iron supplements, antibiotics and dewormer for hookworms. I’m going to give her lots of small meals and help her gain strength. She walks on her broken paws but seems to have a strong will to live and a sparkle in her eye. I’ll keep everyone updated! Keep the love coming!

Cuddles before and after!

FOSTERING SAVES LIVES!!! Cuddles was rescued from MDAS with severe glaucoma. His eyeball was removed and he’s now blind. With the love and care of his wonderful foster he’s flourished. See the before and after. Fostering saves lives! For more info call/text Stefanie at 954-562-8813 or email For a foster application go to

Cuddles before and after!