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Pets in Recovery

Elmer rescued from a high kill shelter

Saving Grace desperately needs your donations to support Elmer! Elmer was rescued from Miami Dade Animal Shelter at 8 weeks old (on 11/3/18) with a severe skin condition. All his littermates were rescued or adopted and he was left to be euthanized. We thought it was manage which is easily treated. It turned out to be Vasculitis, which is an abnormal immune response that prevents the red blood vessels to circulate to all areas of the body causing the tips of his ears, tail, paws, mouth, etc from not receiving blood flow thus they dry out. Since his diagnosis he’s on four different medications including prednisone which caused him to develop diabetes. We are working on keeping his diabetes under control while we get him into remission. Between 4 medications, dog food for diabetes, needles, insulin and frequent visits to the vet and specialists (two specialists- an internist and dermatologist).

He’s under a year old and has a lifetime in front of him. We just need to get his health stable. He’s the sweetest, most loving, friendly, happy dog you’ll ever meet despite the pain and suffering he’s endured. Please help us help him. Thank you!

If you would like to donate we accept Zelle or Venmo payable to: or PayPal: Thank you for all of your support! www.Savinggracefl.Org

Cuddles before and after!

FOSTERING SAVES LIVES!!! Cuddles was rescued from MDAS with severe glaucoma. His eyeball was removed and he’s now blind. With the love and care of his wonderful foster he’s flourished. See the before and after. Fostering saves lives! For more info call/text Stefanie at 954-562-8813 or email For a foster application go to

Cuddles before and after!