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Lily Update May 9, 2019

Lily update! The vet took an X-ray to see how many puppies she was carrying and she had no puppies, but an abdomen full of fluid. She had 4 liters of fluid drained and needs to have more, but could not tolerate all at once. The bloodwork is showing elevated liver enzymes. As you can see she has been starved. The vet will be consulting with a specialist today and we will know more after another visit to drain more fluid and know what the specialist says. Thank you so much for all of your support! This beautiful girl is so sweet. We are feeding her the highest quality food and giving her constant love and attention so she knows she is safe now. ❤️. Will post an update later after the vet visit today.

Lily update! May 10, 2019

Lily update! Yesterday, the vet removed another 9lbs of fluid from Lily’s abdomen. The specialist concurred that something is up with her liver. The X-ray taken after the fluid removal showed a smaller than usual liver, but dogs can live with livers that size. So, the vet is doing some research and we are going to move forward with an ultrasound of her liver. We need donations please! Thank you for all of your support and concern for Lily! ❤️

Lily needs your help!

We need your donations! Lily showed up at someone’s door VERY PREGNANT and looking for a safe place to have her puppies. Rescue was called as she couldn’t keep her and realized labor was coming soon! We picked her up and gave her a bath since she smelled badly. She is VERY thin, her ribs and spine are showing.

We named her Lily and she’s absolutely the sweetest thing! Wags her tail and shows nothing but appreciation and relief that she has a safe place to deliver and take care of her puppies.

She’s good with other dogs and super friendly. Now to prepare for the imminent delivery of her puppies! Lily needs a vet visit and x-ray to see how many puppies are in there. She needs high quality dog food, deworming, and her puppies will need lots and lots of pee pee pads and vet care too!

If you would like to donate we accept Zelle or Venmo payable to: or PayPal: you for all of your support! www.Savinggracefl.Org

Elmer rescued from a high kill shelter

Elmer is a 2 month old puppy rescued from MDAS today! He has some kind of skin condition so he’s on a few medications and medicated shampoo. He’s a very friendly, playful, affectionate puppy! Couldn’t see a little puppy be killed when all it takes is some meds and TLC to spiffy him up! Someone else rescued his healthy
siblings. To donate:

Cuddles before and after!

FOSTERING SAVES LIVES!!! Cuddles was rescued from MDAS with severe glaucoma. His eyeball was removed and he’s now blind. With the love and care of his wonderful foster he’s flourished. See the before and after. Fostering saves lives! For more info call/text Stefanie at 954-562-8813 or email For a foster application go to

Cuddles before and after!