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501c3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue Org.

Stormy for Adoption!

Meet Stormy, the fearless little, young 7 month old feline kitten who refuses to let his back legs slow him down! This sweet and spunky kitten is looking for a forever home where love knows no boundaries. Adopting a special needs cat like Stormy means transforming a life and discovering a love that’s beyond measure. 🌸💜☀️🐾😻 #StormyTheUnstoppable #SpecialNeedsCat #LoveWithoutLimits. He is unable to use his back legs, but he pulls himself all around just fine. He has no idea that he’s any different than any other 7 month old kitten. Stormy does need his bladder expressed multiple times a day which his foster will show you how to do.

He loves other cats and doesn’t mind dog friends either.

Adoption fee is $150 and includes all vetting, microchip and neuter. To apply, please go to

Specially-abled pets are likely to show immense love back for taking a chance on them. So, if you’re considering getting a new cat, don’t shy away from one that needs a little extra care — you might just find out that they are more affectionate and loving than you could ever imagine and be just what you wanted all along!